for Metal/Carbide/HSS Process

Kraus & Winter offers you a variety of diamond tools and CBN tools for machining metal, carbide and hardened steel, called HSS (High Speed Steel). For an easier overview, this section is divided as follows:

CBN and diamond tools in different bonds: our grinding wheels

Modern companies increasingly resort to diamond and CBN grinding wheels to process their materials. For the machining of hard metal, we offer diamond grinding wheels, while CBN grinding wheels are suitable for hardened steel. Both types of grinding wheels are characterized by a long life and low wear.

Diamond and CBN cutting discs in many cutting widths

Diamond cutting discs are used for cutting hard metal and CBN cutting discs for hardened steel. Clean cutting surfaces, fast cutting and long tool life are just some of the many advantages of these cutting discs. To name a few more: different diameters, cutting widths, as well as a selection of layer thicknesses and grit sizes.

With electroplated bond: grinding wheels, cutting discs and grinding pins

Our product range includes electroplated diamond and CBN grinding wheels, cutting discs and grinding pins as well as diamond files in standard designs. For all product lines we offer a prefabricated selection of different dimensions and grit sizes, which covers almost all areas of application. You need other dimensions, shapes or grits? No problem! We will be pleased to send you an individual offer on request, tailored to your needs.

Diamond dressing tools and polishing compounds

Diamond dressing tools are used for dressing ceramic grinding wheels. Depending on the application, single dressing diamonds, multi-grain dressers, diamond blade tools and ground profile diamonds are available. Diamond polishing pastes are used for the final treatment of surfaces with very low roughness depths. Our highly concentrated diamond polishing pastes can be diluted with oil or water and are available in ten grit sizes.
All our products are intended exclusively for commercial customers and not for consumers (private buyers). Subsequently, on click, you can find more information about our different CBN and diamond tools. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! 

Orders can only be completed for commercial customers and not consumers (private buyers).