Diamond and CBN Wheels

If you want to machine metal, carbide, hardened steel or High Speed Steel (HSS), Kraus & Winter is the right partner for you. For commercial customers we offer high-quality diamond and CBN grinding wheels in different cutting widths and with different bonds. Since 1929, our products have stood for high quality at reasonable prices and we offer our customers a great variety.

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CBN grinding wheels for grinding hardened steel

Our CBN grinding wheels are particularly suitable for machining long-chipping and carbonaceous materials, for example hardened steel or HSS. They are characterized above all by a long tool life and low wear. In addition, CBN is a heat-resistant material and is therefore ideal for use at higher temperatures, which are required for machining harder materials. In our range you will find, for example, peripheral grinding wheels with cylindrical layer, with radius layer or with layer on the face side.
We also carry diamond grinding wheels. Due to their high hardness, they are particularly suitable for machining materials including hard metal, ceramics, glass and stone. However, these diamond tools cannot be used with ferrous materials, as diamond reacts chemically with carbon at high processing temperatures.

Your contact for CBN and diamond tools

We can supply you with numerous CBN grinding wheels and diamond grinding wheels of various types, each of which we have in stock for you in different dimensions and coating thicknesses. In addition to the grinding wheels, we offer mounted points, files and much more. If you have any questions about our products, we are of course at your disposal. Get in touch - we look forward to your inquiry!

Standard types of diamond and CBN grinding wheels. Under Details you can find a download list with a technical drawing and a standard dimension list for each type.

Also, you can give us your desired dimensions and we will send you an offer shortly.