for Stone Process

In this section you will find our standard program for processing all types of stone in the construction and natural stone sector. All listed products have proven themselves in daily use for many years and have a correspondingly high quality standard.
To optimize your search, this section is subdivided as follows: 

Diamond grinding wheels for the flex

In this directory you will find diamond grinding wheels for the angle grinder with the corresponding diameters. These diamond grinding wheels can be supplied with different bores. They are available in three grits, for pre-grinding, medium grinding and fine grinding. 

Diamond cutting discs in many dimensions

Here, diamond cutting discs are listed for all common stone materials in the natural stone and construction sectors. The further subdivisions are made according to the material types to be cut, the coating heights, the diameters and areas of application of the diamond cutting discs. 

Diamond groove milling cutter in various diameters

Our diamond groove milling cutter for concrete and masonry have a high performance spectrum. The diamond grit and bond ensure fast work while maintaining a long service life. They are listed in different diameters and cutting widths.

Diamond core bits for dry and wet drilling

Listed with standard dimensions, these diamond core bits are used for stone in construction and natural stone. Here, too, subdivisions have been made according to the type of material and dry or wet cutting. All diamond core bits are available with different threaded connections.

Writing diamonds for stone with quality diamonds

These writing diamonds are very well suited for all scribing tasks in natural stone, such as preliminary drawing of motifs and writings. They have proven themselves for decades and are listed in various diamond sizes and holder designs. They are available as one-time writing diamonds, which cannot be reground. All other writing diamonds have larger diamonds and can be recut once or several times, depending on the diamond size.
 Orders can only be made by commercial buyers and not by consumers (private buyers).