Standard Diamond Files, electro plated

High quality diamond files from the long-established company Kraus & Winter

Diamond files with electroplated bond are excellent for working on metals, hard metals or high performance high-speed steel. They are especially indispensable for fine grinding and finishing of complex metal objects. Files with diamond grit are also a good choice for the grinding of sports equipment such as skis. Thanks to the wide range of shapes and dimensions, the right diamond tools are available for both very detailed work and for working larger surfaces. Select the type of file you need for your purposes in our online store. You can easily select the available cross-sections, dimensions and grit sizes during the ordering process.

Diamond needle files, fishing files and slitting files in the Kraus & Winter assortment

No matter which file model you need: You can rely on the quality of our diamond tools. The diamond files with electroplated bond are characterized by a very high quality grit. The degree of bonding depends on the grit size to optimize the durability of the bond. The needle files of the types DN 50 to DN 90 and DV 40 allow particularly detailed work. The fishing files with plastic handle as well as the slotted files with wooden handle allow - depending on the selected dimension - the processing of surfaces, bores and slots.

Diamond files for machine work from Kraus & Winter

The diamond machine files of the types DHM and DM are characterized by their high-quality diamond grit with very even distribution, therefore you will achieve particularly even work results with these files. Thanks to the quality diamonds and careful production you can expect a long life from our machine files. When ordering online, you have the possibility to choose the desired dimensions, grit and coating. We can produce other designs on request.

Diamond needle files, files and other tools in our store

Browse our wide range of diamond tools and choose what you need. For special requests and open questions, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced and dedicated team will be happy to help you with words and deeds. We will explain to you in detail which tools are best suited for your purposes and of course we can give you tips for the most efficient handling. Get in touch with us.