Diamond Dressing Tools

If you want to profile and sharpen your grinding wheels, Kraus & Winter is the right place for you. We manufacture high-quality dressing tools for the processing of your diamond tools. With us, you will find a great variety of tools and designs.

Dressing tools for profiling, sharpening & cleaning

We offer diamond dressing tools as well as single and multi-grain dressing diamonds with which you can process your ceramic grinding wheels. Here you will find a large selection of different designs, which are tailored exactly to your requirements. We carry tools with diamond grit or needles in our assortment, along with many more designs ready for you.
Dressing with diamond tools consists of profiling, sharpening and cleaning the grinding wheels. In contrast to wheels made of conventional material such as corundum or silicon carbide, which are already ground and sharpened in the profiling process, grinding wheels with coatings made of CBN or diamond must be processed separately. The bond of the abrasive grains must be reset after the wheel has already been ground for a longer period of time. By honing and cleaning the grinding wheel topography with honing stones, impurities on the surface are removed and sharp grains are exposed.

Your contact for diamond tools

Kraus & Winter offers numerous tools for the processing of various materials such as metal, carbide and much more. Furthermore, we are your contact for dressing tools to keep your CBN and diamond grinding wheels in good condition and offer you an extensive selection for purchase. If you need other dimensions or grits than the ones in our stock, we will be happy to send you an individual offer according to your specifications. Take a look at our range and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to your inquiry!