Standard Diamond and CBN Grinding Pins

Kraus & Winter is specialized in tools for machining metal, HM and HSS. We offer standard diamond and CBN grinding pins with electroplated bond in various shapes and sizes, as well as in various grit sizes. If you require other dimensions which are not on offer on our website, please send us the dimensions and grit and we will send you an offer promptly. In the following you can get a more detailed overview of our CBN and diamond grinding pins.

CBN and diamond grinding pins with electroplated bond

Tools made of particularly hard materials such as diamond or cubic crystalline boron nitride (CBN) are an established alternative to conventional tools for grinding certain materials and applications.
Our product range includes cylindrical grinding pins of various types like the mounted pins of types 300, 308 and 309. In addition, we offer cylindrical grinding pins of types 306 and 313 (both with solid carbide shank) and 301 as well as type 312. The latter are particularly suitable for grinding blind holes or long through-holes due to a shank for inside cooling. With this, the grinding chips can be flushed out perfectly. We also offer half ball grinding pins, taper and ball grinding pins as well as conical grinding pits.
The grinding pins are available either with CBN or diamond grit. Details are available on request. Due to their high hardness the tools reach a long service life.

Diamond tools from an experienced manufacturer

Since 1929 we have made it our business to offer our customers top quality at a reasonable price and to produce high quality diamond grinding pins as well as CBN tools. In addition to metal working tools, we also offer grinding tools for stone, glass and ceramic processing and develop electroplated diamond and CBN coatings for the bodies you provide. Please contact us if you have any questions!
Diamond tools